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Custom Retail Marketing Services 

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Content creation and optimization backed by
decades of industry experience with your sales in mind


LBG strives for excellence in capturing the correct look and feel for products. From individual item images and 360 spins, to lifestyle and in-use shots, LBG has the experience, facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment needed to provide professional and timely photos.


Entice customers with compelling visuals that also provide vital information on your products. LBG specializes in product marketing, product demonstration, assembly instruction, product installation, and product review videos.


LBG has the virtual assets, creative intuition, and understanding of design trends to provide 3D solutions to creative challenges that arise. Allow LBG's team of graphic artists to create stunning room scenes and product visualizations that highlight the characteristics and functionality of your products.

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Online sales are supremely competitive. There are no details too small when it comes to optimizing content, marketing copy, bullet points, and more. Let LBG enhance your content from the top of the page to the bottom. Our team can help to place your products prominently in customer searches and to meet specific retailer requirements. 


Engage customers in the store and stand out from other products in your category with attractive and informative in-store signage and on product labels. LBG has the ability to help design signage and labels that will be both aesthetically pleasing and effective in advertising the quality and functionality of your products.

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Allow LBG's experienced team to help design an instructional manual for your product that end users actually want to read. Meet retailer specifications, cross language barriers, and cut down on customer service issues after purchase and assembly with an instruction manual that clearly, yet efficiently, details how to assemble and properly use your product.

LBG speaks the language of major retailers and distributors in the hardware and housewares industry. Make sure your data is properly uploaded and maintained online and that the hard work of creating digital assets and A+ content does not go in vain due to improper publication of data and, or a misunderstanding of the customer's requirements.

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