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Who We Are

Lamb, Britt, Gilmer & Associates is a team of professionals dedicated to your success. We work with you as an extension of your company, adding value to the relationship, while concentrating on your profitable growth. We are headquartered in Gainesville, GA, maintain a regional office in Northport, AL, and a regional office and concept center in Mooresville, NC.

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About: Team
Tim - Website Photo.jpg

Tim Gilmer

Agency Principal & Account Manager

Jim - Website Photo.jpg

Jim Lamb

Agency Principal & Account Manager

Anderson - Website Photo_edited.jpg

Anderson Marvin

VP & Account Manager

Rob - Website Photo.jpg

Rob Wynn

VP & Account Manager


Burdette MacDougall

VP & Account Manager

Eli - Website Photo.jpg

Eli Gilmer

Account Manager

James - Website Photo.jpg

James Xedus

Account Manager


Ben Booth

Account Manager

Ray - Website Photo.jpg

Ray Schlueter

National Acct. Manager E-Com.

Dexter - Website Photo.jpg

Dexter Roberts

Account Manager

Nick Website Photo.jpeg

Nick Bowen

Account Manager

Chris - Website Photo.jpg

Chris Charles

Sr. Logistics Analyst 

Mark - Website Photo.jpg

Mark Walker

Sr. Logistics Analyst 


Shannon Stewart

Logistics Analyst


Blayne Gilmer

Marketing Operations Manager

Sam - Website Photo.jpg

Sam Waters

Marketing Services Manager

Randy - Website Photo.jpg

Randy Smith

Finance & Administration Mgr.

Jane - Website Photo.jpg

Jane Cobb

Data & Information Systems Mgr.

Christy - Website Photo.jpg

Christy Witherow

Accounts Rec. Supervisor

Denise - Website Photo.jpg

Denise Leppla

Sales & Marketing Coordinator


Keeley Holland

         Sales Support Manager


Thomas Fisher

Marketing Specialist


Cortney Martin

Executive Administration Asst.

Jennifer - Website Photo.jpg

Jennifer Smelser

Sales Support Specialist

Katy - Website Photo.jpg

Katy Fabbiano

Marketing Specialist


Chelsea Bryant

Sales Support Specialist

Jess - Website Photo.jpg

Jess Hannula

Sales Support Specialist

Leigh - Website Photo.jpg

Leigh Guill

Sales Support Specialist

Alex - Website Photo.jpg

Alex Joy

Item Data Analyst


Jana Magee

Sales Support Specialist

Rachel - Website Photo.jpg

Rachel Schnelbach

Sales Support Specialist


Shruti Patel-Brinkman

Sales Support Specialist


Brenda Delgado

Sales Support Specialist


Steve Folkers

Marketing Services Specialist

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